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 WIAUT 2016-01-31

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Dr Gains

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PostSubject: WIAUT 2016-01-31   Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:11 pm

2016-01-31 Sunday:

Will be trying for release of v.a.00.001 on 2016-02-5 Friday. Est(90%)

Last weeks goal:
-Fix energy ball draw animations to sync with server
-Room change
-Finish Npc quest and messages
-Npcs: Craft equipment, In a 'school' to learn various things, 1 for boss quest and a couple others, add items obtained from 1st npc, then a couple randoms
-Might consider adding in a options window, for sound control and etc..
-Run through code for optimization, check bugs, inis, drops, equipment

What I have done:
-Fixed the energy ball and first aid animations
-Added some poorly drawn buildings
-Added some Npcs
-Boss is almost done now, just need to prevent players who havnt completed a quest to enter, and maybe add a charge attack on the boss

What the game needs before update:
-Room change
-Finish Npc quest and messages
-Run through code for optimization, check bugs, inis, drops, equipment

This weeks goal:
-Finish everything up if I can, we'll see..

End notes:
-Work kind of got in the way for time on the game, hopefully I can get some more hours into it this week.
-Looks to be relatively close now..

Should be it for this week.
~Dr Gains
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WIAUT 2016-01-31
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