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 WIAUT 2016-01-11

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Dr Gains

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PostSubject: WIAUT 2016-01-11   Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:07 am

2016-01-03 Monday:

Will be trying for release of v.a.00.001 on 2016-01-31 Sunday. Est(67%)
I know, I know, a little late...

Last weeks goal:
-Character cosmetics
-Item view window
-Refine monster movement
-Fix Npc dialog box
-Look into chat and login tabs

What I have done:
-Character cosmetics
-Optimized player draw codes
-Completed most of the character creation window
-Refined player info window
-Refined trade window
-Refined monster movement
-Skills complete
-Drew casting animation for everything and added an energy ball object
-Fixed Npc dialog box
-Fixed some typos in dialog box
-Fixed a strange bug with 1st player animation being off sync
-About a total of 5k lines of code (including parenthesis and empty blocks), and 300 animations, definitely underestimated the work load...

What the game needs before update:
-Finish stats on equipment & add requirements
-Item view window
-Add items that recover Hp / Mp
-Refine Store
-Finish Npc quest and messages
-Make windows in game drag-able
-Fix chat and login tabs
-Room change
-Run through code for optimization, check bugs, inis, drops, equipment

This weeks goal:
-Finish character creation (stats and accept)
-Allow other players to see player cosmetics on game start
-Item view window
-Look into chat and login tabs

End notes:
-Ill be gone working for 4 days or so, so I shouldnt have as much time to get a lot done.
-The game still seems on schedual, unless I hit a major snag.
-Most of the hard and tedious stuff should be done. :]

Should be it for this week.
~Dr Gains
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WIAUT 2016-01-11
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